Hi Dee Ho

by The Drop Bears

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Hi Dee ho is the first single from The Drop Bears forthcoming debut album.
A strange story, about this track...
It’s a very sad, bittersweet day.
Firstly, It’s with great joy that The Drop Bears and I today release the first single from our forthcoming album, and it is with great sadness that overnight we heard of the suicide of one of our heroes, and Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell.
Chris was without equal as a talented rock singer and he was inspiration to everyone in our band and millions around the world. We have lost many treasured musical identities lately, but with chris it was unexpected, and his loss cuts deep. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Chris’ family, friends, bandmates and adoring fans.
He was, as Jimmy Page said, Incredibly young, incredibly talented, and will be incredibly missed.
Those who are into strange coincidences and eeries stories, might want to read on, and forgive me for the long essay, but I just feel I need to tell this story.
My absolute hero of all heroes was Scott Weiland, singer of Stone Temple Pilots.
Scott tragically passed away on Dec 3rd 2015, a death which although surprising, was always a possibility due to Scott’s lifestyle, his battle with depression and his drug problems.
That day I was in Melbourne and so was Chris Cornell (Dec 3rd USA, Dec 4th Melb) I decided that with my hero gone, the best way to grieve was in the presence of another hero, and I scoured around and grabbed myself a ticket at almost twice the face value, to go and see Chris Cornell play his solo acoustic show at the Palais theatre. I went alone. I wanted to be alone, just listening to this man’s great voice.
Chris came onstage and the first thing he did was talk about the passing of Scott Weiland, you could see he was devastated, and he really didn’t know how to process the loss or what to say about it, but he promised to soldier on, and he played one of Scott’s songs in his set as a tribute. It was a very touching moment.
Chris’ solo show was mesmerising, his voice seemed to have a resonance that went through your chest and you didn’t just hear this voice, you also felt it. I gained a new love and respect for Chris Cornell that night. Chris, was one of my heroes. And on from that day, my greatest living hero. Who knew, that he too was fighting his own demons.
A few years earlier I had gone through a dark period and was by 2014, in a far better place after battling it out with the support of my family. In early 2014 I also heard that two of my old bandmates and good friends were going through similar battles due to relationship breakdowns and other issues, and I suggested that we dust off or old amplifiers, guitars and drums, buy a bottle of Bourbon and hang out a bit.
The result of those sessions was our band, The Drop Bears.
This band, was something which, after all of us had given away music for many years for love, we all cherished greatly.
After just over two years, our first album is nearing completion and last night was the final production meeting between myself and our recording engineer and producer, Gavin Parker, before he was to upload the first single from the album for its release today.
This is where is gets really strange…
A few weeks ago, when we were recording the vocal to the song, I hummed a line, more or less just experimenting and to find my range just before I began to sing. The line I sang was a pretty exact copy of the small hummed melody that Chris Cornell sings after the first opening riff of the Audioslave song ‘Show Me How To live’.
After chatting about various production values, The last thing we had to discuss was this line.
I mentioned to Gavin that he should probably remove the line as it is too similar.
Gavin liked the hum and didn’t want to remove it, so I asked him to listen to the Audioslave song to hear it, and then decide. Gavin obliged and said yes it is similar, but not exactly the same, and that he would still like to leave it there. I agreed, and said, words to the effect of, ‘Well, ok, Chris Cornell is one of my heroes, if anyone asks we left it there as a tribute to him.’ Gavin agreed, we shook hands and embraced as the first single was now effectively done.
I then got in the car and started to drive towards Geelong to my girlfriend’s house where I was going to finish editing the music video for the single.
Twenty Minutes into the drive, a news bulletin came on the radio, announcing the death of Chris Cornell.
I felt instantly sick.
I rang Gavin, who was putting the final touches to the single, and got him after 8 attempts.
There was silence and then disbelief on the end of the phone.
But there is also a sad irony...
Our single being released today, is a song about about a battle with depression.
It’s a song about love, loss, rediscovery, redemption, going forward and being true to yourself and knowing who you are and who and what keeps you happy. It’s also a song written about being in a good place with love and support because you choose to have the the right people in your life.
We hope you like the song, please have a listen, and have a listen to Chris Cornell’s music today too.
And remember, always be true to yourself, be who you really are and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re worthless if you are just being yourself. And if you don’t have love and support, go and find it, because you only live once.
R.I.P. Chris Cornell. Long live Rock n’ Roll.
-Pete Vanda - 19th May, 2017


released May 19, 2017
Words - Vanda
Music - Vanda, Holden, Sayer, Senserrick, Savoia



all rights reserved


The Drop Bears Byron Bay, Australia

A month after playing their first gig in 2015, The Drop Bears were headlining The Espy. Within 5 months they were asked to play with USA Grunge gods Everclear.
12 months on they have a killer album set for release, their own very distinct sound, a Tour playing to packed out rooms just finished, including shows with Unwritten Law.
Take a listen to one of Australia's best new live acts.
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